French Windows

French windows – also known as ‘flying mullion’ windows – function in the same way as French doors. Each unit comprises a pair of Gm Windows Windows & Doors PVC-U French windows that open outwards, offering an unspoilt view that’s not broken by a central vertical frame member.

French Windows from Gm windows are a popular choice because they provide a clear view to the outdoors. French Windows open and close easily with the turn of a handle.

  • A+ rated windows or triple glazing
  • Custom sizing available
  • Extensive hardware selection
  • Energy efficient

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The result is a large opening space that offers uninterrupted vistas and improved air flow – ideal for the summer months when you want to bring the great outdoors into your home. Beautifully crafted,GM Windows Windows & Doors French windows also have a symmetrical aesthetic appeal. An additional safety feature is that they can provide an alternative escape route from inside to outside.

French windows are perfect for householders who want to fill a room with light and warmth in the summer months without losing any of the windows, energy efficiency in terms of insulation.

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Hazy Grey

Beck Brown

Dark Green

Cream White

Anthracite Grey

Chartwell Green

Irish Oak

light oak



At GM Windows, we want to offer our customers complete adaptability and versatility. Because each of our PVC-U window installations is tailored to suit its specific location, no two are exactly the same. And to make sure that every window completely fits in with its surroundings, we offer a contemporary colour range to match every style.

GM Windows & Doors Options Colour Range has been selected with modern homeowners in mind. The Cream White is a warm cream colour that complements a range of styles, but is ideally suited to both modern and traditional red brick homes. A new addition to the range is Agate Grey, a subtle blend of beige, green and cream which we know will prove very popular on new and renovated homes, especially barn conversions.


Siena PR

White Grain

Steel Blue





Dark Red

Slate Grey