GM WINDOWS UK LTD (hereinafter known as the Company) agrees to sell to the Buyer (Builder/Customer or party he represents i.e. homeowner) at the address shown overleaf, the materials as shown in the schedule. The Buyer agrees to pay the Company the sums of money specified in the contract. A deposit of 40% which is payable with the order, the balance is payable in full on collection/delivery or installation. Payments may be made by cash, crossed cheque, debit or credit card to an accredited agent or representative of the Company. Payments by bank transfer must be arranged prior to collection/delivery or installation and authorised by a director. Payments made by Credit Card will be subject to a 3% fee. Any unauthorised debt outstanding after a period of 14 Days may be subject to interest charges at the current Bank of England Base Rate.


Every effort will be made to deliver and/or install as soon as reasonably possible. Any time or date for delivery given by the Company or its representative is an estimate only and the Company shall not be liable for any consequential loss caused by delay howsoever arising unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

  • If the Buyer provides his own specifications, the Company will Order, Manufacture and Supply as stipulated and will not be responsible for miss-measuring or if the goods have been incorrectly ordered. Because goods are made to measure/order there are no returns or refunds on this service.
  • Delivery is available on request for ‘Supply Only’ goods; however this will not be included in the contract price. You should enquire when requesting this service if delivery charges are applicable.
  • Components manufactured and supplied are covered within the terms of our guarantee; however the company does not take any responsibility, for goods that have been incorrectly installed or customised by the buyer.
  • Where the buyer requests a specific date for ‘Supply Only’ bespoke goods to be manufactured/Supplied, and the Company agrees to service the contract before the ‘Cooling Of Period’ as succeeded, the buyer must understand that he has waivered his right to cancellation and all goods ordered and manufactured will be have to be paid for.
  • The Buyer agrees to permit access as agreed to the address shown overleaf to the Company, to its servants and or installers at any reasonable times, so that the Company may carryout or complete the installation contract.
  • Goods will be supplied and installed to the specifications of the contract in a professional workman like manner. Every care will be taken to ensure that your installation is carried out with as little disruption as possible. Dustsheets will be used, and our installers are responsible for the removal and disposal of the old windows/doors and debris relating to the installation. During the removal of the ‘old’ existing door and window furniture, there may be some movement in the plasterwork; this will be made good on completion of the installation. However the company is not responsible for any redecoration.
  • The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that all, Blinds, Curtains, Pelmets and Grills are removed prior to the installation. Neither the company nor its installers will be responsible for the removal or replacement of these. Please do ensure that there is easy access to the areas that are being refurbished, and all valuable furniture and ornaments etc safely stored.
  • Where electronic security devices are in operation, you are also advised to seek profession advice on there removal and replacement of these as necessary.
  • In compliance with our Health and Safety policies, we ask that the installer should be able to carry out the installation without interruption, and ask that anyone at risk should not be in the area whilst the refurbishment is in operation.
  • We do want you to be entirely satisfied with your installation. Once this is completed, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the works carried out you should inform the installer whilst he is on site so this can be rectified before he leaves.
  • Our policy is to offer everyone a bespoke service unique to their individual requirements and budget. We pride ourselves in letting our customers make their own choices without pressure, and we will always try to offer the best options available to them.
  • Our staff will always aim to deal with any enquiry in an efficient professional manner; we will always ensure that you are treated with respect and curtesy
  • Every step will be taken to ensure that any refurbishment. service or repair is carried out with care and respect for your home and property.
  • We will always prioritise customer requests, which involve their security and safety. in these instances; we would aim to arrange a visit within the same day where possible.
  • Our team are always available to offer advice prior to your survey. order or installation. Equally as a valued customer our after-sales staff, are readily available to help with any ‘after care’ advice you may need. We are committed to giving you the best attention possible.
  • We will always aim to return your telephone call within the same working day if we need to rectify a problem which requires replacements, subject to stock availability we endeavour to do this within a 14 day period.
  • If you have cause to write us, your correspondence will be acknowledged and we will aim to offer you options that we deem necessary to resolve the matter, within a period of 14 working days.
  • UPVC windows and doorframes are guaranteed against any failure in welded joints and distortment in accordance with system supplier’s recommendation for a period not longer than 10 years from the commencement date
  • Glass sealed units are guaranteed for a period no longer than 10 years after the commencement date, for the failure of hermetical seals (i.e. misting between panes)
  • This guarantee does not cover breakages of glass after the Delivery/Collection or Installation.
  • Locking mechanisms and hinges and all metallic moving parts are guaranteed for 1 year subject to regular maintenance by the customer, Cosmetic deterioration to handles. letter plates etc due to general wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee
  • All building work of any description will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the commencement date in respect of workmanship.
  • Conservatory roofing sheets of any description are not guaranteed against abnormal climate changes which may cause the structure of the materials used to breakdown in some way, also the guarantee does not cover against any penetration of insects, misting and mould growth between the chamber of the sheets. Any external trimmings are covered for 12 months under normal climate conditions
  • Any minor imperfections of UPVC or Glass are subject to supplier’s recommendation, details of which are available on request. Stained glass and lead work are not guaranteed against fading or discolouration.
  • UPVC products (i.e. panels) used in any installation are the closest colour match available from our suppliers at the present time (i.e. it will not always be possible to have a perfect colour match). Door panels are guaranteed for a 5 year period against warping and twisting.
  • Advice should be sought before attempting to attach fixtures and fittings to or around products supplied.
  • Guarantee may be deemed invalid where unauthorised debt is outstanding.

All guarantees are given in good faith. However, if it is deemed after a visit from the company representative that our product has been misused, tampered or damaged in any way etc.. we will render the guarantee null and void, leaving any remedial work to be carried out at a pre-arranged fee, Which shall be payable before any work commences. Any failure of materials due to faulty workmanship under terms of this guarantee will be repaired or replaced at GM Windows UK Ltd’s sole discretion. Excluding consequential losses.

  • The customer may cancel the order during the ‘cooling off period’ which shall run for Fourteen days from midnight on the day the order was placed. (Not including Sundays)
  • Any cancellation must be given in writing by either party
  • Cancellation of an order once it has gone to production, will be subject to costs incurred i.e. administration charges, materials, and labour costs. And will be chargeable.
  • Ownership of the goods remain with us and will not pass to the buyer until he has made payment in full for those goods and services
  • The company reserves the right to recover them, We may enter the buyers’ premises for this purpose and if necessary detach or remove the goods from other goods. This does not affect any or our other rights.

Risk of any loss, damage or deterioration of the goods shall pass to the buyer upon delivery to their premises or upon the buyers (including their contractors) collection from our premises.


We hope that our personnel, products and services will not give you cause for complaint. However if you do wish to lodge a grievance, you should do so in writing to: The Managing Director, GM Window UK Ltd 1-7 Mary Street Bradford BD4 8SW 

  • Please provide as much information as possible regarding the issues that you have, ie dates and time and with whom you spoke too
  • If your complaint is in relation to a product or service, where possible please provide photographic verification
  • What action you consider necessary to rectify the issue.

Your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible and the necessary action taken. Where a site visit is required we will offer you the first available convenient date to carry out a site survey. We will acknowledge your correspondence in writing. On receipt of our investigations relating to your grievance we would endeavour to provide with a written report, and suggestion of how this can be resolved within a period of 14 working days