Gm windows, doors come with an option of 2 security locks of your choice
Avocet ABS Anti Snap Euro Door Cylinder Lock Barrel – High Security Pas24 Secure By Design Lock Barrels.

Why purchase the ABS Cylinder?


The ABS cylinder has special built in Snap Secure technology that ensures that if the door is attacked the cylinder snaps from the outside and blocks access to the internal mechanism of the upvc door lock.

ABS anti snap door upvc locks feature unique patented technology that locks the cam in position when the euro cylinder lock comes under attack.These upvc door cylinders & keys are cut using specalist purpose made tooling, featuring laser cutting technolodgy. Keys for this UPVC cylinder can only be obtained through a controlled procedure again increasing security.

key feature of the Avocet ABS cylinder:

CYLINDER-FREE Multi Point Locking

The Multi Point Locking market is a highly competitive market place with many ‘similar’ products; product differential is vital.

ERA has developed the next generation in Multi Point Locking; VECTIS PLUS – the Cylinder Free Multi Point Lock, first to market with hardened plates giving enhanced strength against attack.

Benefits of VECTIS PLUS
  • Patented 5 Lever operation eliminates the need for euro cylinder operation.

No euro cylinder means the VECTIS PLUS is free from cylinder manipulation, breaking/snapping and plug extraction

  • Door fabrication is made easier and quicker for the installer
    • VECTIS PLUS can be keyed alike to ERA’s mortice lock range; allowing a Multi Point Lock on the front  door and a mortice lock on the back door both using the same key
Product Specification:

VECTIS PLUS is available in the following backsets:

      • 35mm Backset –with centre hook and dead bolt option
      • 35mm Slave unit
      • 45mm Backset –with deadbolt option only

All gearboxes are supplied with 3 x brass Keys